Foto del Giorno X

Split, Croatia

Croatia seemed to be bursting with dreamlike walled cities at this point. The city of Split felt slightly more urban than Dubrovnik. Here the walled palace seemed to be only a single part of the city as a whole. That being said, the white stone buildings within the walls had a few new surprises, including an underground market. Apparently, back in the day the Roman Emperor could walk straight off his boat and into his palace without stepping foot outside (thanks to higher sea levels and some pretty handy city planning).

Despite our awesome surroundings, our luck had run out in regards to the weather. Constant rain hampered our attempts to sight-see, but I was determined to make it to all of the major spots. One afternoon Dev and I walked up Marjan Hill to the viewpoint where this photo was taken. The walk was quite easy, and there were several houses located on the path up the hill. It was a really cool area. The rain stopped for a few minutes, so I was able to snap a few photos on Dev’s phone. There was actually a café at the lookout point and an entire park beyond that, but we decided to head back to our warm beds rather than brave the wind and rain more than was necessary.

Foto del Giorno IX

Dubrovnik, Croatia 2016

After staying the night in the funkiest hotel I’ve ever been in (we are talking automatic lights around the bed and bedside tables funky), Dev and I set off from Munich Airport in search of adventure! Only a few hours later we found ourselves basking in the summer sun of beautiful Croatia, land of gatorade-blue water, medieval cities, and plenty of Game of Thrones sets. I can tell you for a fact that the more time I spend here, the more I fall in love with this country.

I took this photo as we walked along the old walls of Dubrovnik. It is definitely worth the ticket price of 120 Kunas (16 euros/18 dollars) for the incredible views of the city and sea. We went in the late afternoon to try and avoid the crowds and extreme heat. It took us a little while to adjust from our time in the mountains. Let’s just say the winter coats were safely at the bottom of our backpacks at this point.

Foto del Giorno VIII

Korčula, Croatia 2016

Like I mentioned in my last post, I am a little behind with my writing, so I thought I would give you a taste of what’s to come! The scenery is looking much more like this these days…Let’s just say that Croatia has officially stolen my heart.

Foto del Giorno VI

Nesebar, Bulgaria 2016

Well, it looks like all of my plane travels have finally caught up with me. I found myself waking up today with a rather unpleasant cold, so I decided to cheer myself up with some photo editing. So here I am, curled up under my duvet, cradling a cup of tea to ward off the rainy chill of this grey Sunday. Looks like it turned out to be a pretty good day after all.

I found these little beauts on one of my evening wanders through Nesebar. The main tourist-y roads could be a little overwhelming, but the back alleys provided some much-needed quiet time. You would be amazed by the number of flower pictures I have from this trip.

Foto del Giorno II


St. Brigid’s Well, Ireland 7.2014

Here is a gem from my time in Ireland a few years ago (because your day was incomplete without an appearance by Hippie Jesus). I was lucky enough to go to an archaeological field school for a few weeks in beautiful County Clare. It is genuinely one of my favourite countries I have ever been to, and I cannot wait to go back!