Foto del Giorno II


St. Brigid’s Well, Ireland 7.2014

Here is a gem from my time in Ireland a few years ago (because your day was incomplete without an appearance by Hippie Jesus). I was lucky enough to go to an archaeological field school for a few weeks in beautiful County Clare. It is genuinely one of my favourite countries I have ever been to, and I cannot wait to go back!

Foto del Giorno


Loch Lomond 10.2015

Here’s a picture from the spontaneous road trip I took last autumn with a few friends to beautiful Loch Lomond. Highlights included staying in a ‘hobbit house’ (no joke), the beautiful town of Luss, and the giant wooden gateway sculpture/seat/building at the top of the loch (which I’d usually find a bit weird, but I genuinely really liked this time around). A+ weekend away.