Foto del Giorno IV


Bruntsfield Links, Edinburgh 4.2016

Spring has sprung in Edinburgh (finally)! We are coming to the end of the first full week of nice weather this year. Yes, I actually had to bring my sunglasses out of retirement. Of course, now that I’ve started my research project, the majority of my days are spent inside the lab. At least I can enjoy seeing the sun through the windows.

The Bucket List 2016

As a self-described list enthusiast, I enjoy creating lists for all sorts of things. You’ve got the classic to-do lists, packing lists, ‘favourites’ lists – the list of lists is almost endless. Bucket lists are probably my favourite kind. It’s like a big picture to-do list.

Foto del Giorno III


Panzano in Chianti, Italy 8.2012

Throwback to the Gladiator-inspired photoshoot I did with my sister during our family trip to Italy. It was awesome until I suggested we take a shortcut across the field to get back to the house more quickly. Long story short, I managed to get all of the burrs out of my dress and make it to dinner…eventually. Don’t walk through the mysterious wheat field guys. Just don’t.

Foto del Giorno II


St. Brigid’s Well, Ireland 7.2014

Here is a gem from my time in Ireland a few years ago (because your day was incomplete without an appearance by Hippie Jesus). I was lucky enough to go to an archaeological field school for a few weeks in beautiful County Clare. It is genuinely one of my favourite countries I have ever been to, and I cannot wait to go back!

Exciting news in the Kingdom!

In my first post I mentioned how I am a huge fan of travel. I love to travel, and I feel like everyone needs to travel at some point in their lives. This could be travelling to the next town over or to the farthest city you can imagine. The …

Foto del Giorno


Loch Lomond 10.2015

Here’s a picture from the spontaneous road trip I took last autumn with a few friends to beautiful Loch Lomond. Highlights included staying in a ‘hobbit house’ (no joke), the beautiful town of Luss, and the giant wooden gateway sculpture/seat/building at the top of the loch (which I’d usually find a bit weird, but I genuinely really liked this time around). A+ weekend away.